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Dominance of Corporates unacceptable under the Constitution: Justice Sachar

Now that the high sounding praise by Corporate Sector of Modi Governments maiden budget is less noisy, it is time to look at it impartially. The insidious pro rich Bullet Train, Project is an open declaration of anti labour, anti rural bias in the context of about 60% of rural areas being only able to use bullock cart type of transport. As it is, 14% hike in railways fare has already demoralized the poor. The bullet train thinking is similar to Queen Marie Antoinette of France cynical remark who asked why should poor protest if they can’t buy bread – let them instead buy cake.

The budget has out done UPA in its approach to Foreign Direct Investment which has been raised in one sweep from 26% to 49%, which UPA even though it wanted to, could not do ironically because of the protest from amongst others BJP itself. Does it not show double faced-ness in politics which Dr. Lohia used to lament by emphasizing the morality angle, namely the absence of approximation between words and deeds.

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