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Our Work

CRW focuses on the following broad areas that require due diligence as a part of the Corporate Social Responsibility monitoring.


in the workplace

Business endorses non-discriminatory employment practices (including addressing issues of gender discrimination and workplace disability) and promotes diversity in the workplace (Linked with Principle 3 of NVG: Employee Well Being)

Respecting employee dignity and human rights

Business recognises its responsibility towards creating an enabling environment for workers and prohibits any form of forced labour or child labour (Linked with Principle 5 of NVG: Human Rights



Business recognises its role in fostering community development by addressing local priorities and respecting local concerns and knowledge (Linked with Principle 8 of NVG: Inclusive Growth )

Inclusive supply


Business recognises its role in creating an environment in which the rights of workers throughout the supply chain are respected (Linked with Principle 2 of NVG: Product Life Cycle Sustainability

Community as business stakeholders

Business recognises vulnerable communities as stakeholders and is responsible and transparent about the impact of its processes on these communities (Linked with Principle 4 of NVG: Stakeholder Engagement)



Policy of favoring members of a disadvantaged group with a quota or reservation. GoI stipulates to reserve specific percentage of jobs or school vacancies for minority communities. In other cases, instead of quotas, minorities are given preference in the selection processes.

Our Milestones

To bring about the above changes, CRW (and partner CSOs) has facilitated the below developments to create an encompassing NVG-based index for corporates.

Ministry of Corporate Affairs launches NVGs

Company's Act mandating 2% spending on CSR, passed

Government appoints committees to update NVGs

SEBI mandates top 500 companies to submit


SEBI releases 

Business Responsibility Report format







CRW does disclosure analysis of top 100 listed companies

Evolve quality of disclosure index; analyse top 10 companies

IRBI-I covers 100 companies; Status of Corporate Responsibility launched

IRBI-II covers 100 com; Status of Corporate Responsibility II launched

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