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Our Theory of Change

CRW envisages that corporates adhere to the National Voluntary Guidelines by enhancing their accountability and disclosure in the form of Business Responsibility Reports (BRR), formulate policies evolving from disclosure index and ensure accountability mechanisms based on their internal policies. CRW ensures this adherence of corporates by analysing their BRRs with the objective to advocate for improved transparency and accountability for multi-level stakeholders: the community, consumers, employees and the larger civil society.

The broad parameters of BRR assessment include-

▪ In-Principle acceptance: of NVG principles associated with five elements of the Index

▪ Policy of commitment: Companies in evolving policies and disclosing them in the public domain

▪ Mechanism of Companies for implementing the policies

▪ Knowledge of companies in the public domain of how policies are functional through assessments and evaluations

The figure below details our ToC graphically

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