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Key Principle


Our work on responsible business practices has influenced, informed and moulded the larger Business and Human Rights (BHR) discourse in India. We are amongst the key listed influencers to envisage and develop the India Responsible Business Index (IRBI) a measurement tool for analysing disclosures by top listed companies on parameters of social inclusion, based on the principles of National Voluntary Guidelines (NVGs)

Keeping intact of these IRBI principles, our impactful evidence in the form Status of Corporate Responsibility in India, a series of disclosure reports on responsible business practices of corporates in India published since 2013, has been highly acknowledged by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India and leading institutional agencies including SEBI.

Making policies in alignment with the NVGs: This index helps in measuring a company’s publicly stated commitment to NVG principles and intends to encourage more proactive policymaking as well as incentivise greater levels of disclosure and policy commitments.

Disclosing more information: All the NVG principles covered as part of the Index give credence to ‘community’ and the ‘wider public’ as important stakeholders. This means that company policies pertaining to these groups should be made available in the public domain

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