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About Us

Corporate Responsibility Watch India is a voluntary network of 14 organisations and prominent independent consultants that has come together to analyse and watch the corporate environment in India from a civil society perspective. Guided by the New Companies Act, 2013 and National Voluntary Guidelines on Social, Environmental and Economic Responsibilities of Business, 2011, the members analyse key economic and social activities of large corporates in the form of Business Responsibility Reports (BRRs).

Key Objectives


Develop theoretical and policy based content on Business and Human Rights (BHR)

Articulate checks, balances, issues and risks that NGOs should be aware of in the scramble for CSR funds and the implementation of CSR Act, 2013.

Build a coalition and bring together like minded individuals to discuss, articulate and advocate issues related to BHR

Ensure corporates legally uphold their social and environmental responsibility with an emphasis on reporting and disclosure.

Our Work

Working within a human rights framework, our role is to think through home grown-solutions and monitoring mechanisms for the Responsible Business practice space, with the understanding that voluntary codes will not work unless there is a vigilant regulatory environment, media attention, civil society scrutiny and activism. CRW ensures this adherence of corporates by analysing their BRRs with the objective to advocate for improved transparency and accountability for multi-level stakeholders: the community, consumers, employees and the larger civil society.

News and Updates

Upcoming Events

Status of Corporate Responsibility 2020

Status of Corporate Responsibility in India Report, 2020

Launch on March 03, 2021

Time: 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm IST

For Launch video 

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