Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone Ltd

We reviewed Adani Ports' publically disclosed Business Responsibility Report (BRR) from the year 2012. In its suggested framework, the Business Responsibility Report demands that companies should disclose:

·     whether they have policies for the 9 principles of the National Voluntary

    Guidelines on Social, Economic and Environmental Responsibilities of Businesses

·     whether these policies conform to any national or international standards

·      whether these policies are available online

Taking account of this need for responsible policy-making and for disclosure of these policies, we undertook a detailed assessment of the relevant publically available material. For this we reviewed your company’s disclosures against all nine principles but specifically looked at Principle 2, Principle 3, Principle 5 and Principle 8 of the National Voluntary Guidelines. Corporate Responsibility Watch (CRW), with continued support from Praxis, PiC and Change Alliance, will review your BRR for the year 2015-16 as well. We encourage you to disclose the positive impacts that are in alignment with the BRR. The following sections are synopsis of findings about your company
from our analyses.
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This pack provides an overview of gaps in your company’s BRRs. It then lists all policies required by each BRR principle and registers whether your company has 
(a) this policy and a mechanism to implement it, 
(b) reference to a policy, but not to an implementing mechanism, or 
(c) no disclosed policy. It also includes a guide to improving on reporting required by the BRR framework.
Long-term, the pack provides a pathway through which you can better establish your business as a benchmark organisation for social responsibility.