Making Growth Inclusive - Analysing Inclusive Policies, Disclosures and Mechanisms of Top 100 Companies 2018

The India Responsible Business Index (IRBI) has been gaining a lot of currency in this collective quest to explore ways of correcting India’s growth story. The Index was originally conceived through a collaborative partnership between Corporate Responsibility Watch (CRW), Oxfam India, Change Alliance, Praxis Institute for Participatory Practices (Praxis) and Partners in Change (PiC). After 3 years of IRBI analysis, we see very little perceptible change. Banks are still not reporting on supply chain and community as a stakeholder is still not in the DNA of companies. It is also disappointing to note that higher disclosure are only in areas that are legally mandated, defeating the spirit of voluntary disclosure. Unfortunately, there is seemingly little effort from Businesses, the Ministry, SEBI or the government to make a difference. Click here for 2018 report


Scores, Quartiles, and Comparative Analysis contribute to the nature of analysis presented in the report
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