CSR in India, 2016

CSR in India, 2016 goes beyond analysing the 2% CSR of companies to juxtapose their CSR activities against responsible practices in core business areas. It raises the question of how the profits are made, and not just how 2% of the profits are spent. 

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"In 1978, I had to deal with the overhauling of the Companies Act, 1930 and 1956 and at the time, our reference did not talk of Corporate Responsibility as it was considered horrible to talk of responsibility to business. It was, in a sense, doubting their goodwill," Justice Rajinder Sachar. Nothing much has changed since. However, the overall observation is that there is a minimal perceptible acceptance by businesses today, due to exisiting frameworks of BR and civil society efforts. In this context, experts throw light on CSR being a bandaid solution to the grave issues simmering under the surface of acts of kindness and philanthropy being dispensed, in the name of CSR from the lens of, affirmative action, disability and a consumer perspective.


To read more about what these panelists had to say during the occasion of the report release held on September 7 2016, click event report.

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