Making Growth Inclusive - Analysing Inclusive Policies, Disclosures and Mechanisms of Top 100 Companies

In providing tools to analyse companies’ discourses around these and other matters of social concern, the India Responsible Business Index invites at least two kinds of action from our corporate partners. One - to use this Index to assess where they stand in terms of the parameters given here and two - to create, where they are not yet developed, policies which align with the NVGs, putting responsibility at the heart of business. For more details please click Making Growth Inclusive
The Index is a tool that has been designed to measure: 
(i) voluntary disclosure by companies
(ii) policy commitments of companies to NVG principles and, in so doing, incentivise greater levels of disclosure and policy commitments.

Recent Reports

Written on 06/10/2018, 00:49
The third edition of the builds on the analyses of the BRRs to unpack and nuance ground realities of corporate...