Disclosure Matters: Does the community count?

According to the report done by CRW on Principle 4 (stakeholder engagement) under National Voluntary Guidelines (NVGs), "None of the companies had comprehensive guidelines on any of the components. Though ITC had a specific policy it did not reflect a clear picture on the engagement process and identification of their stakeholders. Coal India and National Thermal Power Corporation Limited on the other hand had an R&R (Rehabilitation and Resettlement) policy for the local community. Three out of the 10 companies had not mentioned anything about the identification or  understanding the concerns of the stakeholders while there was at least a mention of it in the policies of seven companies." Read detailed report


Disclosure Matters: Do Workers Count?

According to CRW working paper on employee well-being, out of the top ten companies, by market capitalisation, as listed on BSE none of the companies mentioned provision of facilities for wellbeing of its employees or for employees with special needs. Nine companies did not mention fair wages, timely payments and economic security of its employees, work-life balance especially for women and skill up-gradation and career development. Only one company made a mention of the need to provide timely remuneration to the employees and acknowledged the need for work-life balance in one-line ʻaccord due importance to work-life balanceʼ with no further elaboration on it. Only one company mentioned and defined the need for skill upgradation and career development of its employees. Download Full Report

Glass ceiling to invisible walls: Enabling environments for women at work?

fr2The near-absence of women on the highest rungs of the corporate ladder brings into question the notion of women as leaders and decision-makers in the eyes of the society. In the face of such challenges with regard to gender equity, Oxfam India commissioned Partners in Change (PiC) to create a ‘Company Ranking Index for Gender Equity’ and assess gender-friendly prac­tices in the Indian business environment.
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